Faith-Based Senior Care in Midland, MI

When it comes to senior care, assisted living, and nursing homes, the options in Midland, Michigan vary widely depending on the level of care needed by you or your loved one. At King’s Daughters Home, we provide care across the spectrum – from minimal assistance to nursing care. Once you determine how much care is appropriate (based on you or your loved one’s level of independence and medical needs), then other factors may play into your decision.

For those who consider religion a deciding factor, they may look for a senior care organization that makes faith a priority.

At King’s Daughters Home, we embrace residents of all faiths. Those with and without religious backgrounds are welcome here, and you don’t have to ascribe to a certain belief system to be part of our community. We love learning from each other and experiencing all of the diversity this world has to offer.

How are faith-based assisted living and nursing facilities different?

Faith-based and Christian-based senior care facilities care for each person’s mind, body, and soul. How do we ensure our elders can continue to have vibrant spiritual lives? Here are just some of the ways:

  • Church services in our beautiful little onsite chapel
  • Visits from local church groups and activities together with our residents
  • Religious celebrations
  • Trips to local churches
  • Prayer groups/Bible readings
  • Visits from clergy, pastors, and church elders

Our residents do not need to be of the Christian faith to receive services.  If a resident is of another faith (Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, etc.), we welcome, honor, and celebrate those beliefs as well. Hooray for spiritual wellness of all kinds!

Who operates a faith-based senior care facility like King’s Daughters Home?

We are a non-profit organization, governed by a board of directors. Any profits we make are reinvested into our community and the care of our residents. King’s Daughters Home is mission-driven and operates from a faith-based set of values which include: Compassion, Love, and Respect. We believe that we serve God by serving others, and those who enter our doors tell us that the home we’ve created feels wonderfully kind, open, full of love, and very different from other senior communities in the Midland area.

How much does faith-based senior living cost?

Many assume that the cost of living at King’s Daughters Home is more than other senior care options. This assumption is far from the truth. Just the opposite – residents find that our costs are typically less than other senior communities in the Tri-Cities area.

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