Why Do Families Choose Midland King’s Daughters Home? We asked – they answered!

People often ask us, “Why would we choose King’s Daughters Home over all of the other assisted living options in the Midland area?”

Of course, we could list off our reasons until the cows come home (which would be a very long time because those darn cows are notoriously languid creatures and make their way home at their own unhurried pace), but instead we asked our residents’ family members to provide some thoughts about their experience with King’s Daughters.

Here’s what they said…

As a life-long Midlander who volunteered actively at KDH all her life, our Mom knew well how KDH functioned and cared for its residents.

My mom, who is soon to be 98, has been at King’s Daughters since 2015. She arrived on the assisted living side, and then, due to a decline in her condition, it was suggested that she move to the nursing care side, so she could receive the more personal attention that she required.

The main reason we moved my mom to King’s Daughters was for her safety. She was living alone in her house, and we could no longer be assured that she would be able to contact one of us if she got into trouble. She had always anticipated that she would live a KDH when she was no longer able to live at home, because as a life-long Midlander who actually volunteered actively at KDH all her life, our Mom knew well how KDH functioned and cared for its residents.

Since now being on the receiving end of the spectrum, she has benefited from the incredibly caring and patient day-to-day staff; those employed in the kitchen who serve tasty, varied, and well-balanced meals; and even the administrators who know her on a first name basis. It honestly has the feel of a cheerful, well-appointed home, not an institution. There are opportunities to socialize and enjoy entertainment if you choose, but you can also just have a quiet day in your room if you prefer.

My siblings and I are grateful for the excellent care she receives daily. The staff provides updates and is readily accessible to speak with at any time. The Home’s convenient central location also works in our favor as we can visit as often as we like.

Amy T.


The staff genuinely cares for each resident.

My mother receives EXCELLENT care. A nurse is always available, and the staff genuinely cares for each resident. Mom likes it that there are plenty of activities throughout each day.

Cathy N.


It reminded me of “home.”

I knew King’s Daughters was the perfect place for my mom the minute I stepped in the door! The first thing I noticed was all the natural light coming in the large windows. It reminded me of “home,” not a “facility.” The staff at every level goes above and beyond to make everyone feel special. Their concern and compassion are immeasurable. It’s been over a year and a half, and they still find ways to impress me on a regular basis. A few examples that stand out are:

  1. Arriving on Christmas morning to pick up Mom for the day, and being greeted by the Administrator – ON CHRISTMAS DAY!
  2. When my mom came back after a short hospital stay, numerous staff members immediately came to Mom’s room to welcome her back. I felt they were as happy to have her “home” as I was.
  3. Having Mom tell me how friendly and nice everyone is. The interaction I witness when we pass someone in the hall or they come into her room, along with Mom’s smile, says it all!
  4. The thought and caring that goes into birthday and holiday celebrations is above and beyond.
  5. As simple as it may sound, the detail of the bird feeders always being kept full of food (and there sure are a lot of them), is a big deal, as I know Mom and others love watching the birds.

Meals, activities, etc. are top-notch, and the building itself is always spotless. The gardens and season decorations, inside and out, are phenomenal. I cannot say enough … it truly is a special place.

Kimm B.


The thing that makes it most special is the staff – every one of them. They feel like family (in a good way).

King’s Daughters of Midland is a very special and wonderful place. My mother is a resident, and she is over 100 years old. She has been here for over a year. The thing that makes it most special is the staff – every one of them. They feel like family (in a good way). They are all very caring and cheerful. Everyone from the director on down – each one always has a smile and a few kind words. The transition from our home to living here was stress-free and easy. Everyone made us feel welcome. They are all kind and thoughtful. They are attentive, kinds, helpful, and they care they provide is the best!

The facility is lovely both inside and outside. It is maintained to the highest standards. The views of the gardens are lovely. The nursing staff is very professional and understanding of the needs of the residents and the families. The food is tasty and well prepared. They try to accommodate special requests whenever possible. Everyone from the staff in the dining room and kitchen are willing to assist and are so welcoming. The activities keep the residents busy and provided needed stimulation. The maintenance is impeccable.

Marjorie T.

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