Mission & Culture



Our mission is to provide person-centered, loving care in a vibrant, healthy environment, enabling residents to preserve their independence and quality of life.


Because we are a non-for-profit, we focus on PEOPLE rather than worrying about our investors or our shareholders. Our focus is SERVICE – to our residents, each other, our families, and our community.


Every day we wake up dedicated to create a full, meaningful experience for our beloved elders and our staff members as well.




Our culture is our bedrock of love, trust, support, and dignity.


Together as a staff, we believe the life at KDH should be an opportunity to thrive in a comfortable, real home setting.  We live our mission each day. Our purpose is to support seniors as they age gracefully in our healthy atmosphere where they receive physical, medical, emotional, and spiritual support that each and every one of us requires.  Our elders (and staff members too) benefit immensely from a warm, sunlit environment full of plants, artwork, and outdoor spaces to enjoy. And we all benefit from embracing our core values of teamwork, honesty, safety, respect, service, and genuine care.