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Midland Assisted Living – Care Beyond Compare

Midland assisted living options abound.

Which Midland assisted living community is right for you or your beloved elder?

This question can often be stress-inducing. For most people, moving to an assisted living facility is not their first choice and probably one they’ve been avoiding.  They aren’t sure how to evaluate their options, what questions to ask at each facility, or how to communicate with their own family or loved ones during the transition.

Every day at King’s Daughters Home, we talk with families about senior care options, and we help them narrow down their choices (as do senior living advisors like and

The choice between assisted living options is an important one. Folks tell us that after a conversation with us, their decision feels less scary, heavy, or distressing.

Midland Assisted Living
Midland Assisted Living

What sets King’s Daughters Home apart among Midland assisted living communities?


  • Small home with a big heart – We can accommodate up to 30 residents in our assisted living. Thirty - that’s all. So if you’re looking to share your living space with 60, 80, or 100+ other people, then we might not be for you.


  • Royal treatment - Our high staff-to-resident ratio ensures that residents are pampered (yes, pampered, and we mean it). They are showered with attention, concern, and love.


  • Comprehensive care – A licensed nurse is on duty. We’re a private nursing home too! As life progresses, many of our assisted living residents move to our nursing care area.


  • Small town feel – We are conveniently located in a quaint neighborhood in Midland, MI near churches, shops, parks, and the Midland Community Center (pickleball anyone?).


  • Affordable, transparent costs – Typically, we charge less than other assisted living facilities, and most services are included (vs. add-on fees that could surprise you on your bill).


  • Nonprofit and faith-based: We are one of the few nonprofit assisted living communities in Michigan. We put people over profits, and we embrace and celebrate all faiths!

What is the “right fit” for you in Midland assisted living options?


Those who choose King’s Daughters Home in Midland, MI often make statements like these:


  • We want mom/dad to live in a smaller community.
  • We want mom/dad to get a lot of attention from staff.
  • We want to know that licensed nurses are on staff and monitoring mom/dad.
  • We want to know that all staff is highly trained in senior care.
  • We want the place to feel like home – smell good, feel cozy, be clean, quiet, and soothing.
  • We want mom/dad to be active, engaged, and content.
  • We want mom/dad to be safe while eating, bathing, walking, mingling, joking with friends, getting pampered at the salon, etc.
  • We want mom/dad to have a place to practice her/his faith.
  • We want to TRUST that mom/dad will receive the best care possible.


If these statements resonate with you, then King’s Daughters Home could be the right choice for you.

Midland Assisted Living Criteria

When is it time to move to assisted living?

Here are some short answers to common questions about moving to assisted living.


If you would like to chat by phone or have an in person conversation (over a nice cup of tea, dear), we are readily available. Call 989-839-9800.


What are my options for safely staying at home?

With family support, private duty home care (personal care), skilled (medical) home care, and other community services (like PACE programs), seniors do have options to stay safely at home. However, if you or a loved one are experiencing mobility issues; difficulty bathing or in the bathroom; trouble with cooking, eating, or obtaining food; slipping and/or falling; difficulty coming and going from your home; or issues with memory, then it could be time to move to assisted living.


How will we afford the cost of assisted living?

According to this resource from Paying for Senior Care, in 2019 the projected, average monthly cost of assisted living nationwide is $4,000.  Alzheimer's and dementia care in assisted living (called Memory Care) costs, on average, an additional $1,200 per month, for a monthly total of $5,200.

Our monthly rates for assisted living are considerately less than these averages – even for our higher level of care.

King’s Daughters Home is private pay facility (as are all other assisted living facilities), and the only not-for-profit assisted living in the area. Our rates are comparable or less than other facilities, across multiple levels of care, as well as rooms, suites, and apartments for one or two people. A Place For Mom provides a list of good financial resources here.


How will I adjust to the new environment?

Senior Advisor provides great tips to adjust to assisted living. Here’s a quick summary: 1) Look for a good fit. 2) Make your new room your own with photos, artwork, furnishings, and accessories that are familiar. 3) Encourage family and friends to visit often. 4) Keep doing what you love – bake, bird watch, play bridge, make art, exercise! 5) Be social and active inside and outside the facility by continuing to attend clubs, church, and events, as well as being social within your new community.


Will I lose my independence?

You’ve been a responsible adult for decades, and it might feel odd or disheartening to think you’ll be dependent on others. But the word “Assisted” in “Assisted Living” means you get a little help when you need it. It does not mean that you can’t do what you love, take care of yourself, enjoy hobbies, go out with friends and family, or embrace life .


How will I downsize?

Your home holds memories and your possessions are your family history. When you decide to move, sorting through all of that meaningful stuff can be difficult. This checklist provides a comprehensive set of tasks to help you tackle downsizing.