Dining & Menu

What do meals and mealtime mean to us?

The act of sitting down together over a home-cooked meal is so vital. Sure, those meals are nutritional, but mealtimes are also a mainstay of life. Meals help us measure the passing hours of each day - breakfast, lunch, and dinner give us an event to anticipate and enjoy. During meals, residents (and staff too!) have the opportunity to form and sustain relationships. Food helps us provide comfort, express feelings, celebrate successes or milestones, and nurture companionship.

At King’s Daughters Home, residents’ nutritional needs, restrictions, and preferences are important to each person’s health and quality of life. Our dietary and nursing staff members quickly learn these needs when a resident moves in, so the kitchen can prepare meals to her or his tastes and liking.

Our menu and kitchen are run by certified dietary manager. Food is prepared in our well-stocked, scoured-clean kitchen. Our menu varies each week – depending on the season, holidays, and foods that are ripe at that time of year.

A resident may invite up to three guests to join him/her for a meal. We ask that they please notify the front desk in these situations. For a fee, residents may eat in their own rooms and enjoy the same hot meal they’d eat in the dining room – whether with guests or alone.