About Us

Voted #1 out of all Assisted Living Facilities in Midland MI

About Our Assisted Living and Nursing Care Facility

Readers Choice Award - #1 of Assisted Living Facilities in Midland MI!
Our Nursing Home was voted #1 too by Midland Daily News Readers!

King’s Daughters Home was founded in 1947, which wasn’t that long ago when you consider that our oldest resident is over 100 years old! Among senior living options in Midland, several things set us apart – our longevity, our dedicated and highly trained staff, and our ability to provide the kindest care imaginable (thanks to that dedicated staff!).


What drives us?
Our goal is to foster warm, personal relationships and allow our elders to retain autonomy and continue to find meaning and connection in life.


Among assisted living facilities in Midland, MI,
King’s Daughters Home stands apart.

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What does our senior community offer?

  • A continuum of care through our assisted living and nursing services, meeting the diverse and changing needs of residents
  • Delicious meals prepared fresh and tailored to residents’ dietary needs
  • Activities and socializing indoors and out
  • Attentive staff, exceeding the industry standard for staff-to-resident ratio
  • A wide range of in-house medical services
  • Competitive rates

Our senior living community provides care services across the continuum of care including personal care assistance in our assisted living AND nursing care in our nursing home.  

For residents who need long-term nursing care, we provide a supportive, caring home, and we customize each resident’s care to address individual needs and preferences. On our assisted living side, our personal care services help seniors to safely perform the activities of daily living – walking, bathing, toileting, moving about, etc. Nursing care means that our nursing center is staffed 24/7 by medical professionals trained to deal with health issues that could potentially arise.

In our assisted living area, up to 30 residents call KDH their happy, loving home. In our nursing home, we care for up to 29 residents around the clock.

Assisted Living Facilities in Midland MI - People over profits

People — not profits — are the measure of our success.

We are a nonprofit, private-pay facility for assisted living and nursing care. This makes us unique in our region and sets us apart from the many other assisted living facilities and nursing homes in the Midland area. (There are MANY other ways we a stand apart as well!)


But isn’t King’s Daughters Home just like all of the other assisted living and nursing homes?

When you think of an assisted living facility, what comes to mind? For many people, they envision cookie-cutter rooms, bland hospital-like food, and lethargic older people watching TV by themselves. And when you think of a nursing home, typically that picture in your mind becomes grimmer, right? A common nursing home is thought of as cold, sterile, lonely, and it probably doesn’t smell all that great.

King’s Daughters Home is vibrant and vastly different.

We embrace the philosophy that our assisted living and nursing home can be a place where people thrive in later life – where they feel alive, dignified, joyful, capable, and comfortable “at home.”

People who walk through our doors tell us that our environment here feels like a vibrant home - with its sturdy brick construction, windows from floor to ceiling, open layout, cheery colors, unique artwork, and comfortable-yet-stylish furniture.

Amenities are nice, but …

Sure, other assisted living and independent living residences might be newer than KDH. They may have shiny chandeliers in their entry ways or fireplaces in their common rooms. They might even tell you they prepare farm-to-table food and show movies in their movie theater. (Actually, we have those too – modern lighting, a fireplace, gourmet food, and movies - except we don’t have a theater – we have a huge TV which seems to work just dandy.)

But what really makes a place feel like home?

It’s not the décor or the food…

It’s the PEOPLE.

When you come to King’s Daughters Home, you might notice that…

  • You are greeted joyfully by a person at the front desk (and anyone else you meet for that matter!)
  • Staff members smile, welcome you, and engage in conversations with you.
  • People are talking together, discussing current events, or admiring photos of a staff member’s latest addition to her/his family.
  • Residents are coming and going from happenings in the Midland community.
  • Staff members are sitting with residents in the living room or dining room, perhaps helping Ms. Smith with her next cup of peppermint tea and afternoon snack.
  • Residents might be crooning over a visiting dog.
  • Our Director of Nursing is interacting with members of the nursing team.
  • Our Administrator and a resident are talking about those darn Detroit Tigers. Is it too late to get Alan Trammel back?

You get the idea, right? King’s Daughters Home feels so wonderful because of the people here and the way we (residents, staff, visitors, therapists, medical professionals, etc.) interact with, respect, honor, and cherish each other. Our hearts are grateful to all who have built and sustained this delightful culture.