Life at KDH

Seeking the best assisted living facility in Midland, MI?

People who choose Midland King’s Daughters Home do so for a variety of reasons.  

Some residents and family members have always known that they wanted to live at KDH. Their own parents, grandparents, friends, or other relatives lived here in the past, and they know that the stellar care and homey environment here are one of Midland’s best kept secrets. Want to know another secret? We are the only nonprofit assisted living and nursing home in Midland.

Other residents and families chose our community after they’d evaluated the marketplace and compared us with assisted living facilities and nursing homes in the region.

The reasons for their choice usually fall into a few key areas:


  • Level of care: Because of our high staff-to-resident ratio, and because of the way our staff is trained, the level of care we provide is unmatched by other local senior communities.
  • Food and amenities: Folks love life at King’s Daughters Home. The food is divine. (Yes, our dietary manager gets plenty of hugs and praise!) Plus, there are so many unique features that set KDH apart – like towel warmers, blanket warmers, serene outdoor areas, daily chapel services, and beautiful original artwork.
  • Affordability & known costs: The cost to live at King’s Daughters Home is less than other assisted living facilities and private nursing homes. While base costs for our competitors may be comparable to ours, consumers must tally up all of the add-on fees for our competitors’ services and supplies. At the end of each month, our competitors’ total costs are often greatly more than residents and families budgeted.
  • Community: Friendships formed at KDH can last decades. With our daily activities, chapel, community outings, and informal gatherings, our residents feel like they are emotionally and spiritually supported and strengthened together. Our mission as a nonprofit assisted living and nursing home is to provide excellent care in a vibrant, healthy environment, enabling residents to preserve their independence and quality of life.