Midland Assisted Living – Where patios, flowers, and birds abound

“Designing the outside environment has been an overlooked opportunity to create meaningful places that are rich in association, encourage good health and exercise, and are responsive to the magic of the changing seasons.” ~ Elizabeth Brawley

King’s Daughters Home is an architectural icon in Midland, Michigan. Designed by the innovative Alden B. Dow, our senior care community is uniquely designed around two interior courtyards. Mr. Dow knew that both the interior and EXTERIOR of our facility would help our residents to live safely and happily here. He designed a healthy, nourishing natural environment around and inside our facility for the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual benefits of all who visit, live, and work at King’s Daughters Home.

Bringing the outdoors in.

With the interior courtyards and amazing gardens that surround the outside of the building, the outdoor spaces integrate perfectly with the environment and seem to flow in and out of the building.

Experience the seasons.

Our residents love to see what is in bloom, what is falling from the sky (do you know the difference between hail, sleet, graupel, and wintery showers?), and which animals are visiting. On that note, of course we have a plethora of visiting avian friends, but also several innovative squirrels and even a rabbit (?) have gotten into our interior courtyards.

What makes our outdoor spaces so unique?

  • Open layout – Our courtyards are designed with wide walkways. The space is clutter-free, with no tripping hazards.
  • Easy access – Many doorways lead to and from the patios, and those doorways readily accommodate walkers and wheelchairs. There are no steps or grade changes.
  • Lighting – The patios are well lit for a safe and pleasant environment.
  • Shade – Pergolas and umbrellas provide ample shade when necessary.
  • Masonry – Like the rest of our building, our patios are made of sturdy bricks that absorb the warmth of the sun.
  • Fountains and a stream – In warm weather, you might hear the sound of flowing water coming from an open window because we have a large fountain in our larger courtyard. In our smaller courtyard, we have a flowing stream that attracts dark-eyed juncos in the winter, indigo buntings in the summer, and a huge variety of other birds year round.

What are the health benefits of natural spaces?

Our patios areas and gardens aren’t just beautiful. They’re restorative and promote a positive quality of life. According to leading expert, Dr. Roger Ulrich. “There is a pattern of evidence that suggests that well designed gardens can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and relax people. Also there is research that shows experiencing nature and looking at gardens reduces pain. Nature seems to reduce pain by blocking stress and reducing the extent to which residents focus on themselves and their discomfort.” Dr. Ulrich’s studies also show that viewing nature reduces blood pressure and heart rate.

Come visit us in Midland to see our outdoor spaces. We can sip some ice tea on the patio or hot cocoa if it’s wintertime!

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